作成者: Catherine Pappasさん

Gather 'Round The Fire, Experiment & Blow Mellon Seeds In The Yard

Ol'Chicago 2013/06/06

Summer around the "fire pit" the only time Granma encouraged playing with food "keep the mess outdoors" for kids and grownups a great opportunity to combine fun and learning.

I'm in Florida, 'bout seventh heaven to an avid fisherman as many of my great neighbors are, you couldn’t even guess what finds it's way to the fire or smoker

Skewer some fruits and or veggies baste e'm and toss e'm on the grill, okra, green / red tomatoes, pineapple, green peppers, fresh herbs let your imagination soar. Fresh ears of sweet corn with butter, celery salt, garlic powder and hot Hungarian paprika, wrap it in foil and toss it on, potatoes and many veggies respond well to this mistreatment, the whole idea experiment.

Fruit, Mellons, vegetables most locally grown, a great opportunity to enjoy and give thanks for the bountiful treasures we now enjoy, respect and appreciate your local growers defend and support family operated agriculture, Our Life Support System!

Thru out history accidents have been the source of many great discoveries
The best of all to everyone this summer, bless you..