Apple Nut Caramel Puff Pastry Rose flowers

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Flaky butter pastry gently wraps and rolls with caramel, nuts and tender apples. From a bud, a delicate treat appears onto your sweet table as a pastry rose.

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分量: 6 pastries


  • . >(American / Metric measures)<
  • . 2 (450g) puff pastry, rectangular sheets, thawed
  • . 2 large apples (golden Delicious preferred)
  • . 3 Tbsps. (45ml) granulated sugar
  • . 1/2 tsp. (2.5ml) ground cinnamon
  • . 1 small lemon, finely zested
  • . 2 Tbsps. (30ml) lemon juice
  • . 1 Tbsp. (15ml) water
  • . 1 Tbsp. (15ml) unsalted butter
  • .
  • . 1/4 cup (60ml) Dulce de Leche
  • . 1/4 cup (40g) roasted almonds, crushed


  1. . Position the rack in the center of the oven. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or Silpat.
  2. . APPLES: In a medium bowl, place the sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest, lemon juice and water. Peel, core and thickly slice the apples. Place them immediately into the bowl. Mix to combine. In a medium skillet, melt the butter on MEDIUM heat and add the apples to cook down until the liquid has evaporated. Once and a while, toss them gently. Afterwards, remove the skillet from heat to have it cool or better yet, transfer to a large plate to have it cool quicker.
  3. . PASTRY ASSEMBLY: Divide the puff pastry sheet into 3 equal lengthwise pieces. This will give strips of 3-1/4 inches (8cm). Repeat with the others as well. Along the side, place about 7-8 apple slices. Make sure to surpass the pastry dough when placing the apples. Along the other length, spread the Dulce de Leche and sprinkle some crushed nuts. Close this end onto the third part of the apples' bottoms. Now, gently and very carefully roll the pastry in order to create a Rose flower. REPEAT.
  4. . Now, place the flowers on a platter and refrigerate for about 30 minutes before baking.
  5. . Meanwhile, about 15 minutes before removing pastries from the fridge, pre-heat oven to 375F/190C/Gas5.
  6. . LATER: Gently remove the pastries from the platter and onto the prepared pan.
  7. . BAKE them for 30 minutes or until lightly golden. Shut the oven and let pastries rest for 5 more minutes. Remove pastries from the oven and place them gently onto a cooling rack.
  8. . Best served when they are just warm or leave them out at room temperature for up to two days.
  9. . Happy baking from Claudia's kitchen...FOODESSA.com


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