Casarecce, Lemon, and Arugula. Fresh, Fast, The Easiest Summer Pasta Ever.

by さん
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  No one likes to cook on sweltering summer days, and I'm no exception, but sometimes there's no excuse, cook we must. Last week we had a short brutal heat wave here in Sonoma, where temps stayed at 100 + for a few days. It also happened to coincide with a visit from my cousins who live in Portland Things were cool and pleasant when they left the north. The first stop was in San Francisco at my cousin Amys' house where I heard it was cool and foggy. Then came Sonoma, the direct opposite of that. Of course we had certain blandishments that my 8 year old cousin just couldn't resist....mainly Tyrion. Kids and dogs are made for each other and speaking for Tyrion, he had the time of his life! High-fiving (the only trick Tyrion So…