Recipe & Food Styling | Healthy Broccoli and Amaranth leaves Flat-breads – Things that keep me busy, happy and sane..

by さん
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“When you take the step towards your dreams, you will be met with fears because you have never traveled this way before. As you go, you will discover that you had nothing to fear.” ~ Rewind a few years back to when I used to get panic attacks whenever a couple of projects land in a span of few days. I would become anxious and stressed out as the deadlines draw near. It was a real tough time to find a point of balance between my career and personal life, more so when you are passionately inclined towards However, with over seven years of work experience in the industry, I now feel more at ease with I am able to remain sane in the face of all the chaos by taking control of my time and prioritizing my Careful…