Recipe | Healthy Oats and Apple Squares – Journey of life through mom’s eyes..

by さん
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“ Please don’t call me channa, pingu-pongu, betu, chotu-pattu in college ma” my son instructed before leaving for the orientation program on the first day of his college “Hmm..will try my best” I smiled and looked at him from the corners of my eyes…the lad is all grown School days are over for son and he is ready for yet another milestone in his life’s journey. We packed his bags and were on our way to attend the orientation program in his college and also to help him settle comfortably in the hostel It was not so very long ago when I had excitedly informed mom that we have put him in primary school. “It will be over before you know it, just enjoy their childhood days and try to capture these innocent moments” my mom’s…